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Nowadays, typing in an Indian languages on a computer or android is very difficult task for many people. So welcome guys to our blog and in the article “All Regional Indian Languages Fonts Free” we are going to look talk about such font related topic, which is very helpful to learn typing in regional language.

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12+ Regional Indian Languages Fonts For Free

Right now everyone can easily type in English on computer and smartphone, when they do not know how to type in their mother tongue. You can easily type in any regional language of India with the help of this font given below, in which you will get a range of Unicode and non-Unicode fonts.

First of all, you should have some basic knowledge about Unicode and non-Unicode fonts. You will easily get the support of Unicode font everywhere, while you will get to see less stylish fonts in it. Contrary to this, Non-Unicode fonts are of old age, you will get its support in less software and fonts. While Non-Unicode fonts are a good option for the designer, because it is stylish fonts.

Malayalam Font


Which font should we use now?

According to my experience, you should use Unicode fonts, whose support you will get in all software and it is easy to type.

What is the easiest way to type in the regional language of India?

You can use Indic Input Tool from Google or Microsoft, in which you will also get to see word suggestions. You can easily learn typing with the help of such a tool.


Here we have only given information about font related topics. This article is published here for information and educational purpose only, we do not have any other purpose. We do not strongly advise you to use this fonts, you can use this with your own risk.

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