(Updated) GTA 5 Skip Verification ZIP File and GTA 5 APK No Verification.

Welcome to our blog tech.gujarati-english. Today we will se some useful information about most popular game GTA 5 in GTA 5 Skip Verification ZIP File Download for Android, Bypass Human Verification article. You probably know that this video game has become very popular for a few years.

Even today many players and gamers are playing GTA 5 online on YouTube every day and millions of people watch them live every day. This game is a computer game which is not available for android or any other smartphone but you must have seen the video on YouTube that how you can play this game on android.

gta 5 skip verification website, zip file download for android, bypass human verification

Many people are facing problem in this trick, in which the problem of human verification is coming the most. Due to this problem some people are not able to play this game on their smartphone. Today in this article you will get the exact solution to this problem.

How to Skip GTA 5 Human Verification in Android. Skip Verification APK and Zip.

Today we are comes with another new games trick, which is GTA 5 Skip Verification Zip Download for android. You can get unlimited action and adventure in the popular GTA 5 game and many useful features are already unlocked such as maps, vehicles and weapons.

You can also use Cleo Mod to get more fun and entertainment. Using this mod you can drive multiple vehicles anywhere and get unlimited health, gun skins and armor abilities.

skip gta 5 human verification

First of all Get GTA 5 APK File

  • You need GTA 5 APK file android device- APK File for Android
  • Click on the button that appears above to visit page where you will get files easily
  • Now you have GTA APK File for android
  • Find GTA 5 APK File from your local storage of smartphone
  • Click on install
  • Allow unknown source
  • Wait till installation process has been completed
  • Done!

1. GTA 5 Skip Verification Tool

  • This is latest tool, which can solve your problem.
  • Visit this link to use the skip human verification process- Click Here
gta 5 skip verification tool
  • You can see its interface is like the image shown above.
  • Now, you have to fill some basic information like, Android device model, OS and your country.
  • Then, click on Skip Verification button.
  • Now the progress has been start and it will be done within a minute.
  • If your process has been processed successfully, you can see Done logo.
  • If the process has failed, then you can try again.
  • This Skip Human Verification Tool take up to 24 hour to complete full process, so be patient.

2. Use ZIP File to Skip Human Verification in GTA 5

gta 5 skip verification zip download
  • In this post you will get zip file link.
  • This GTA 5 Skip Verification File around 1 MB, as you seen in upper image.
  • Find on your local storage.
  • Extract zip file using any zip archiver app for android.
  • Copy and paste it, in to your Local Storage/ Android/ Data/com.rockster.gta5
  • Done!
  • Now you will not get any human verification error.

3. Skip Human Verification Using MOD APK

  • Visit link to get GTA 5 Skip Verification APK File around 90 MB- NO Verification APK
  • Find file which you can get it from Media Fire on your local storage
  • Extract ZIP File using any archiver.
  • Un-install older app and clear catch.
  • Delate com.rockster.gta5, if present in your local storage.
  • Install new app and open directly.
  • Done!

Is This Method is Working Now?

When I tried this both method, it was working fine, it might not work when you try it after a few days because developers keep improving it. This is the latest working method, if this also does not work for you, then you should not waste your time. As soon as there are any updates, we will publish them on this page immediately.


  • Simple and Easy Method
  • Free to play GTA 5 on Any android device.
  • You can get console button like Sony PlayStation 4 in this MOD.
  • Small in size
  • Easy to setup.


  • You have to skip GTA 5 Skip Verification or Bypass Device Verification on very first installation.
  • If you want to play more hours then may be you will have to pay for it.
  • Sometime did not works.
  • Probably you will not get any updates.
  • You have to play online with high speed internet network.

GTA 5 Verification Without Steam

Some MODs make your life a lot easier. Besides what you think, how much better your gameplay could be in relation to GTA V. You may face a lot of problems in playing this game for free, one of which is this question.

There’s a lot for you to do in this game, but you probably didn’t know about it. That’s why everyone likes to use the best mods to help them save time and fulfill their need.

Not all mods are the same though, and some can really be a complete waste of your time. Especially in the event that you don’t think anything about them before you download them. There are a lot of good GTA V mods on the internet today, although none of them are contributed by GTA 5 Officials. This can cause you damage or crash your game.

gta 5 skip verification zip download for android

Steam has become the easiest way to download any game today, making it quite popular. It basically allows you to download and play any computer game on the web or without having to connect with the help of Windows apps. Well it is quite safe and genuine.

But in this you have to pay, but people who have bought GTA 5 through help like Steam, they probably face the problem of Steam verification. So that you cannot play this game without Steam login, so you get notification of verification.

This means that only the person who has bought this game can play it and no one else can use this copy. There is a way to crack it, which you will easily find on the internet. You have to download some files, and replace them in the folder of GTA 5.

This trick is very easy to do, and it won’t take much of your time. While this Steam key doesn’t work in every game, you need to think about it first.

GTA 5 Android Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V attracts almost every gamer, whose ratio is much higher than the previous title. Maybe now the GTA 6 title is also going to be launched in a short time.

Today GTA 5 is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms. But this is an adult game, so kids should stay away from it. All parents should be more careful, because It shows violence, nudity, hate speech, and the use of alcohol.

In this you will get to see 3 characters, where the game starts with Franklin. It is shown as a gangster. During the mission here players not only kill fellow gangsters, but also harm the police and other civilians. It’s just a game though, so it won’t hurt anyone.

As you know, this game is open world. So you can do anything like in real life. Playing this game on PC or console is very easy and fun. Whereas in the smartphone, you may face some problem in the control. But in this mod you also get the option of control customization.

Apart from this, the game play is similar on both platforms, where you do not get all the features in Android, because it is just a MOD of GTA San Andreas. If you play on cloud, you will get all the features. Apart from this, you can watch the gameplay through videos on YouTube, which will give you more idea.


Below you will find a few questions that people ask frequently. It might be possible your question is one of them.

GTA 5 APK NO Verification, Is it Available?

This thing can be very true, because I have also heard about this application. People also used GTA 5 APK NO Verification trick or APK which is allow all android user to play GTA 5 online without any verification or survey.

Can I play it on Android and can I get GTA 5 Without Verification?

Yes in now days many cloud gaming platform present which is allow you to play console or computer games in android or iOS devices. You can find many free ways to play GTA 5 in Android on YouTube.

What is truth about GTA 5 Wixsite skip verification?

This is absolutely wrong, because I also visited this Wix website. This is a fake website that is fooling people. This is a simple page, in which no script or coding was done. This might not make your job. You must keep this in mind, no Wix website will help you to do that.

Is GTA V available for Android?

GTA 5 is not officially available for Android devices, but there are a few ways you can play this game on your mobile. Mod APK is available for Android, and with the cloud gaming you can also play this game in smartphones.

How to skip GTA 5 verification?

You can do GTA 5 verification with Mod APK and bypass zip files, but this is not an accurate way or a permanent solution.

How to skip story mode in GTA 5?

You have to press ‘Esc,’ ‘E,’ or the ‘Spacebar’ to skip a story scene in GTA V. But not always., some story video is mandatory.

What is the original size of GTA 5?

The size of this game is different for PC and console. As for the PC, the game occupies about 80 GB of space on my hard drive, which may increase in the future updates.


When I tried this method, it was working, it might not work when you try it after a few days. Why developers keep updating this application and you have to play it by paying money. This is an information website, where you can find useful information and tips about latest technology, it is not a download website or platform. This information has been uploaded here for education and information purpose only.


I Hope “GTA 5 Skip Verification Website, ZIP File, GTA 5 APK No Verification” article is useful for you. This is only way which I found to skip human verification, I don’t know another way is present or not and may be it is not work for you in the future. Must visit our blog regularly to get such interesting tech information in Gujarati and English and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Sharechat.

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