Best 3 Gujarati Font Converter (ફોન્ટ કન્વર્ટર)

Hello friends, welcome to our blog and today we are going to look about a new font related topic in the article “Gujarati Font Converter (ફોન્ટ કન્વર્ટર).” I hope this tech tutorial will prove useful for you. If you find this information useful, please comment below to encourage us.

Let’s move on to the topic, today you have many fonts available in Gujarati language. But you might not know that we can mainly divide all these into two categories. One Unicode which is easy to type and the other non-Unicode which are quite stylish fonts. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are reading this article today, then you must be using non-Unicode fonts. While according to me it is very difficult to type with this font. However, who has practice can easily do this work.

Gujarati Font Converter to Convert Unicode to Non-Unicode

If you are making any design or poster in Gujarati language, then you must be looking for stylish fonts. You will find the most stylish Gujarati fonts only in the non-Unicode category. Because you will get to see most of the simple fonts in the Unicode category.

best 3 gujarati font converter
best 3 gujarati font converter

Of course, if you have to use this type of font for stylish text in Photoshop, CorelDraw or other designing software. While according to me it can be quite difficult to use it. But online font converter tools can make this work easier for you.

Let’s talk about the best 3 tools of this type today, which may not have been used before. This is really very useful, and I also use it to create attractive images.

Top 3 Gujarati Font Converter

NoNamePriceOfficial Website
1Raj Technology (TERA Font Converter)
2Pramukh Font Converter2,999/
3Anirdesh Font

All this font converter is quite easy to use, but not all are free. For this you have to buy subscription of two platforms. Whereas the Anirdesh provides this service to you completely free. I have used all these tools, all work with same logic. The results of all the tools are also accurate, and suitable for all types of users.

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Raj Gujarati Font Converter

raj gujarati font converter

We put this converter tool in the first place because it works best. It’s not completely free, but you’ll love it. Mainly you cannot convert unlimited word at one time, but you can use it unlimited.

Apart from this, you can convert non-Unicode to Unicode and Unicode to non-Unicode Gujarati font here. This process is vice versa. This is a server based tool, due to which you cannot use it offline.

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Pramukh Gujarati Font Converter

pramukhraj gujarati font converter

The major surge converter tool is in second place, because you have to use it with some limitations. This converter tool is also not completely free, for this you may have to pay up to 3000 annually. In this you also get word limit at one time and you can use it only 20 times in a day.

Although the rule of 20 attempts was not there earlier, it has been implemented a short time back. Apart from this, you can convert non-Unicode to Unicode and Unicode to non-Unicode Gujarati font like other tools here. Pramukhraj Converter is also a server based tool, so you cannot use it offline.

Anirdesh Gujarati Font Converter

anirdesh gujarati font converter

Anirdesh is completely free font converter, you will not have to pay any charge for it. Apart from this, you do not get any word limit here, and you can use unlimited. But you do not get much font support in this. Thanks for the free service, anyway you can’t expect much from the free service.

Which is The Best Gujarati Font Converter?

If I talk about my review, then I like TERA Font Converter released by Raj Technology the best. As far as I know, you will definitely like this tool. If you haven’t used it yet, then you should definitely use it once.

I know this service is not free, but you will get the job done. Even though you get word limit in this, but you can use it unlimited times in a day. While Pramukhraj Font Converter doesn’t have this, you only get 20 trials daily.

You can easily convert the entire paragraph by breaking your entire text. Although it may take you more time, but today everything is not available for free. If you want to use only Harikrishna font, then you can use Anirdesh converter. You will not see any limitation in this.

Which Gujarati font converter do you like most? You can tell us by commenting below. Our team will definitely replay you.


Is this all converter free?

No, only Anirdesh is free. While you have to pay, if you want to use full version of Raj and Pramukhraj converter.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, absolutely, all of this tools are very easy to use and suitable for all types of user. You have to just select particular font and click on to convert.


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