Gujarati Font Free Download

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Let’s move on to our topic, currently in the internet there are many Gujarati fonts available. All these fonts fall into two main types, Unicode fonts and Non-Unicode fonts. In which unicode font is easy to use and other fonts are stylistic, but a bit difficult to use.

Whereas Shruti and Guajarati simple font is a Unicode font which is easy to type and more people prefer to use such Unicode fonts in their computer. But this is totally different from Non-Unicode font and keyboard layout of both fonts is also different. But typing non Unicode font is very difficult and you have to work hard to learn this typing.

Gujarati Font Free Download

Most old Gujarati fonts are non-Unicode type Gujarati typeface fonts. It is also known as Gujarati Legacy Fonts. In simple terms, a font that uses English letters to create Gujarati script or write Gujarati.

If Gujarati legacy fonts are not installed in your computer system then you will not be able to view Gujarati content written in these fonts properly. Such fonts are old but most popular Gujarati fonts like Avantika, LMG Arun, LMG, Kapil, Krishna, that’s why such fonts are called legacy fonts.

Typically, these types of fonts use the Remington i.e. typewriter keyboard layout. But this font is totally different from Unicode font and you will see the difference between these two fonts below. Such type of font will give a stylish look but you will not get support in all software, apps and browsers.

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Shruti Font Gujarati

Gujarati Saral Font

KAAP Gujarati Font

Saumali Gujarati Font

Gopika Gujarati Font

Avantika Gujarati Font

Shree Gujarati Font

Shruti Bold Gujarati Font

Akshar Gujarati Font

All Other Unicode Gujarati Font

Other Gujarati Font

ELKG Gujarati Font

Bharti XP Gujarati Font


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