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Welcome to our blog Today we will see some useful trick about Malayalam Typing in “Information About ISM Malayalam Keyboard and Typing Software” article. Today people pay more attention to the English language, but in India, apart from English, all other languages are also spoken. I think that apart from English, you must also know how to type your regional language. Do you think it is right?

Even if anyone wants to learn to write and read Malayalam, today in 2021 when people are forgetting to read and type in Malayalam language, then you probably need ISM Malayalam Typing Software. No matter how much a person can learn English, but we think that knowledge of mother tongue is important for any person.

Do you need to translate your thoughts into another language? off course not. Our mother tongue is dedicated to all those who love mother tongue rich in pure ties and unique vocabulary with multiple languages. Anyone can start typing faster using ISM Malayalam software, this article may be useful for them. This typing software works exactly like Manglish typing software, because it is very easy to type Malayalam from English.

Information About ISM Malayalam Keyboard and Typing Software, How to Use It and Easily Type in Malayalam?

ISM Malayalam is made by the popular ISM product of GIST Research Labs. This ISM Malayalam software makes it very easy for everyone to type Malayalam language on our computer. Different Indian Malayalam language fonts are also included in this software, if you want to do Malayalam typing in your computer then you will definitely need the font, then you can use ISM software in your computer.

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Free Download

This Malayalam typing software is specially designed to make Malayalam computer typing easier, as there are different software for all Indian regional languages. With the help of software like these, everyone can easily type their Indian regional languages ​​on the computer.

This font and software is UNICODE Malayalam Transcript, which means you are going to get more ease in typing. UNICODE keyboard layout is easier than other script keyboard layouts, you will get to see more information about it further.

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Specification

Name ISM Malayalam Typing
SizeAround 4 MB
Required OSWindows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Available For32 bit and 64 Bit OS

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Features

  • Anyone can easily download and install this ISM Malayalam typing software on their computer. It works offline, that means you don’t need internet to run this software.
  • This software is absolutely free, so you do not need to spend money like other regional language typing software.
  • If you want to type faster, then auto-completion feature is available for that.
  • In this software, you have different options for the keyboard, which can be customized by the user.
ISM Malayalam Typing Software Feature
  • Help popups are available to suggest you all the words you want to type.
  • You will get to see a very simple keyboard layout in this software. This will make it very easy for the beginner to learn Malayalam typing.
  • The new Unicode font is available in it, which means the text you copy will work on all platforms.
  • Easily available for Windows.
  • You can use any Unicode online fonts in this software.
  • With its help, you can easily type Malayalam in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop.

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Keyboard Layout Image for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Keyboard Layout

ISM Malayalam Typing Software Free Download, Font and Tutorial PDF

How to Install Malayalam Fonts in Windows

Here are guidelines for downloading and introducing a textual style on your PC. How you introduce a text style is distinctive relying upon your foundation (Windows versus Macintosh) so we’ve included guidelines for both! Whenever you’ve downloaded your textual style, look down to the establishment guidelines that apply to your PC.

  • Go to any site to get Text styles of Fonts.
  • Look through the rundown to peruse the textual styles. Or on the other hand, you can limit your outcomes to explicit typefaces by tapping on the “Classifications” menu under the hunt bar.
  • Then, at that point, you can choose or deselect serif, sans serif, show, penmanship (Otherwise known as content), and monospace typefaces.
  • After you’ve found a textual style you like, click on the font name textual style name.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “Download family” connect. The font family or textual style will download as a Compress document.
  • Follow the Windows or Macintosh bearings underneath to introduce the text style on your PC.
  • Download the font textual style from Google Textual styles portal, or another any website.
  • Unzip font file.
  • Open the textual font , which will show the text style or textual styles of your downloaded font.
  • Right click on your downloaded font and click on install.
  • Your text style should now be introduced! On the off chance that you downloaded more than one text style, rehash stages three and four for every font, which you want to install.

How to Install ISM Malayalam Typing Software In Windows

Today, the most well-known approach to get new program is to download it from the Web. Applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop would now be able to be bought and downloaded right to your PC. You can likewise introduce free programming thusly. For instance, assuming you needed to introduce the Google Chrome internet browser, you can visit this page and snap the Download button.

The establishment record will be saved to your PC in .exe design. Articulated dab exe, this is the standard augmentation for establishment records on Windows PCs. You can follow the means beneath to introduce an application from an .exe record.

  • Find and download .exe file or record.
  • Find and double tap the .exe file or record. It will ordinarily be in your Downloads section.
  • An exchange box will show up. Adhere to the directions to introduce the product.
  • The product will be introduced. You would now be able to open the application from the start menu of Windows 7 or the Beginning start Screen in Windows 8 and 10.
  • Done! your software has been successfully installed in your computer.

How to Typing Easily Using ISM Malayalam Typing Software

Some of the time language is the solitary boundary holding you back from developing and utilizing new things. Did you know according to Registration 2011, there is just 12% of the Indian populace that communicates in English, while faltering 88% of them don’t communicate in English by any means.

You should know about the way that India is a monstrously populated country, which has around 1.25 Billion individuals starting at 2016. Presently on the off chance that we put things in context, there is an enormous piece of India that will not have the option to utilize the most recent administrations regardless of their accessibility.

Google, the web search tool goliath, distinguished this issue a surprisingly long time back, and that is the reason they have added support for up to 11 Indian dialects. The Mountain View Organization has even dispatched a Google Indic Console application, which engages its clients to include words in these dialects. Everything began when they shaped the Indian Language Web Union in 2014 with 30 accomplices. With an intend to making the web more helpful to Indic language speakers.

ISM Malayalam Typing Software-Tutorial-PDF

Today, we are directing you how you can empower these dialects on your Android cell phones. Note that it relies upon the producer that the number of Indian dialects they have pressed in their cell phones. It differs brands to brands, as certain offers redid interfaces, while some don’t and depend on stock UI.

Alluded to as Kairali, Malayalam is a mostly communicated in language in the Indian province of Kerala. It was announced as an Old style language in India in 2013. It likewise has a place with the Dravidian group of dialects and is spoken by around 38 million individuals. The language is expressed to be disposed of from Center Tamil that was in the sixth Century. It’s fascinating to take note of that, Malayalam’s genealogy is gotten from Tamil and Sanskrit, so it’s Letter set has the biggest number of letters among the Indian dialects.

What is Unicode and Non-Unicode Font?

Non-Unicode Font

Today in 2022, there are thousands of fonts for different languages in the computer. But all these fonts are of two types. Some computer fonts are Unicode fonts while some are non-Unicode fonts. But do you know what is the difference between these two and which one should you use?

Let’s get it’s related information. Perhaps you must know that the computer can understand only Binary Digits, which we also call bits. The first ASCII Encoding System was created so that English language letters, symbols, symbols could be displayed and typed or printed in the computer. In ASCII standard the characters of a language are encoded in special seven-bit integers.

Today typing in English in computer is very easy, but how to do typing in computer in any other language? For this, later for computer typing in other popular languages, such computer fonts of that language were created which could work according to ASCII Encoding. These types of fonts are called Non Unicode Fonts.

After installing the non-Unicode font of a language in the computer, computer typing can be done in that language. But if we want to type Hindi or other language in the computer, then for that we have to install the fonts of that language in the computer.

Talking in simple language, only those characters are seen in the computer which has that font installed. You do not get the support of this type of font everywhere or it is very difficult to convert it.

Unicode Font

Unicode fonts have been created to overcome the shortcomings of non-Unicode fonts. Unicode Font is a computer font based on the Unicode Standard, it is very easy to type and has wide support.

This standard is a character coding system based on the Universal Coded Character Set (UCS). In this system letters, symbols and symbols are encoded as a special code. Each character of different language is encoded as a special code. The UCS currently includes over 136,000 characters from various languages.

Unicode Standard is currently accepted by most software and operating system companies. Unicode fonts are also used in Windows operating systems to Mac and other operating systems. In which all language fonts are included and support is seen in almost all software and browsers.


ISM Malayalam keyboard available for windows 10?

Yes, you will easily find this software in our blog for all windows operating systems, such as windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

ISM Malayalam keyboard available for windows 7?

Yes, you will easily find this software in our blog for all windows operating systems, such as windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

How to download ISM Malayalam keyboard?

In our blog you will easily find the external download link of ISM Malayalam Typing Software.

How to get ISM Malayalam typing tutorial pdf?

In our blog you will easily find the external PDF download link of ISM Malayalam Typing Software tutorial.

How to get ISM Malayalam Keyboard Image or layout?

In our blog you will easily find the ISM Malayalam Keyboard Image or layout.

ISM Malayalam typing work online?

ISM Malayalam Typing Software works smoothly in both online and offline mode.

ISM Malayalam typing software available in Softonic?

No, it is not available in Softonic but may be you can get there alternatives of this typing software.

Can I get Manglish to Malayalam typing software for free?

I am not sure about it, but you can get your answer in Quora.

How to free download Malayalam typing tutor software?

I don’t know more about offline software but you can try typingpoint website and it is online.

Is it available for windows 7 and 10?

Yes it is available for windows 7 and 10 and you can easily use this in all windows OS.


This Blog is not a download platform, here you will only get tech related tips and tricks. This is a trick to type and get ISM Malayalam Typing Software for computer, so the article has been published here only for education and information purpose. This software is not made by us, nor are we promoting it here. Keep in mind that, this is also not a sponsored article.


I hope “Information About ISM Malayalam Keyboard and Typing Software” article is become a useful for you. Must visit our blog regularly to get such interesting tech information in Gujarati and English and also follow us on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Sharechat.

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