2022 Spoof Paytm APK With Scanner, Older and Latest version 9.0, What Is it?

Welcome to our blog Gujarati English. Today’s article is going to be very fun, in this article we are going to talk about Spoof Paytm APK with Scanner. This is a very handy and easy to use app that you can use to prank with your friends or family members. May have used it before or may have known about it. But if you do not know, then you have to read this post completely.

No one knows who created this app and what is the intention of making this app, but this app is used to prank or fraud. This article is for information and caution only. We are not promoting this app here and neither are we asking you to use it. If you are using it then maybe it can be a legal offense, for which you can be punished.

Earlier this application was used by some people to prank, but now people are doing fraud using it. This article has been written to alert you, so that you will not face any problems in the future. If talking about 2021 now, internet search of related this PayTm Spoof app is happening more, and some people might want to download it.

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What is Spoof Paytm or Paytm Spoof With Scanner ?

This application looks exactly like the original Paytm application and you will also get to see the same user interface on it. The only difference in this is that by using it you can not do any Paytm transaction or money transfer. You will get an exact copy of the Paytm app on it, but you cannot do any transaction with it, because this app is fake application made just for prank.

Spoof Paytm With Scanner, What Is it. Older and Newer Latest version 9.0, Is it Available for ios

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Make sure that you do not make any recharge or bill payment using spoof Paytm app. If you check another website you will probably not get full and true information about this android application. If I am right, then this application looks like Paytm and in this you can show fake transaction or money transfer which is a legal offense.

Should I use it ?

If you follow my advice, then you should not use such an illegitimate and fraud application that might give you trouble in future. Through this app, people have fraudulently, due to which they have been punished by law. It became very popular for that only. In all countries, cases of fraud have increased considerably, people of whom have become victims.

Useful Information About Spoof Paytm Application

Now you will have got some useful information about this app. This app is not useful except for prank or fraud with anyone, this app is probably illegal too. If you use it, then perhaps you are also breaking the law.

This app may look like an official app, but you do not get to see any features of the official app. Through this you will not get any big cashback and you cannot make any recharge, bill payment or money transfer.


It is special design and made for prank and fraud, so you will not get specification or any other unique specialty. Below you will see some common features of this app and questions and answers related to it, which will probably prove useful for you.

  • You can prank with your friends.
  • Absolutely Free application which is look like official Paytm application.
  • Useful to do payment prank with your friends, which might be a legal offense.
  • Use without any registration, login and internet.
  • Same look like Paytm official application but it is not comes with official application feature or specification.
  • little bit smaller in size.
  • May be not comes with any virus, Spyware or bugs.
  • No one is aware of who created this app, perhaps it may harm your android or ios devices.


  • App name- Spoof Paytm With Scanner
  • App Size- Around 9 mega byte (MB)
  • Minimum OS Requirement- Android 5.0 and above
  • Developer- Unknown
  • Latest Update- 9.0
  • Required Root Access- No

How to Spoof Paytm APK Download

As you now know that this application is used for fraud, I think you should not download or use it. If you still do this then you can get into trouble. If you search in Google, you will see a many website where this application is available for download. Due to this illegitimate application, you will not get to see it in the Google Play Store.

Is Spoof Paytm Comes With Scanner ?

Is Spoof Paytm Comes With Scanner ?

It is true that I have seen many places that a new version of this app has come, in which a scanner is also available to pay. But there is no way to payment through this, which is used may be only for fraud.

Is it Spoof PayTm Fake Money Transfer App Download

This thing is absolutely right, this app is a fraud app in which you can transfer and pay fake paytm. Due to this reason, this application is illegal. If you ask for my advice, then stay away from it and do not download and use it on your android or ios smart phone.

Spoof PayTm for ios or Iphone

As far as I know this application I have only looked for Android, for ios I do not know whether this application exists or not. Even then you can find the answer in Google for your satisfaction, maybe you can find the right answer.

Paytm Spoof 10.6 APK is Real?

It is itself a fake and fraud application that we cannot call real. I have done a little research in which I have seen applications like this, so you cannot say which is real and which is fake. Anyone who never wants to get themselves in trouble will never download it and use it on their smartphone.

Yes It is, Fake Paytm Screenshot Generator APK

It is also true that people can generate fake payments and screenshots with its help. I have heard this from some people and have seen it in YouTube videos. Then it is certain that it is an illegal and many person who is becoming a victim of it.

Fake Paytm Balance and It’s Screenshot

This is a fake application in which you can show any amount in your paytm account. You can also use it offline, due to which the fraud has started increasing. And the account balance visible in it is only for the showing to other people, you cannot use it anywhere.

Fake Paytm Balance and It's Screen shot
Fake Paytm Balance and It’s Screenshot

Is it Spoof PayTm Hack?

Spoof PayTm is not a cracked or hacked version of an official app. Do not know why the developer made this app, but today people are using it to fraud, due to which people have been given legal punishment. Perhaps it could be an application made for prank that some people are using incorrectly. You cannot make any recharge or bill payment using it.

Spoof Paytm available online ?

Spoof PayTm is a fraud and completely illegal application that you can use offline. There is no official website or developer name. You may find this application somewhere on the APK download website. It has no connection with the online paytm server, so you cannot use this app online. This is just a smokescreen, of which thousands of people have become victims in India today.

Spoof Paytm MOD APK

There is no mod version of this application right now, this is the Cake illegal app, which has probably been banished by the Government of India. Thousands of people have become victims of this in India, and the Criminals have also been punished.

Working Version

  • Paytm Spoof V10.6
  • Paytm Spoof V10.1
  • Paytm Spoof V9.0

Some Useful Information About Android APK File

APK represents Android Bundle Unit (additionally Android Application Bundle) and is the document design that Android uses to circulate and introduce applications. It contains all the components that an application requires to introduce effectively on your gadget. Much the same as EXE records on Windows, you can put an APK document on your Android gadget to introduce an application. Physically introducing applications utilizing APKs is called sideloading.

Typically when you visit Google Play to download an application, it consequently downloads and introduces the APK for you. While you can separate APKs from the Play Store, they’re likewise accessible to download from elective application stores.

You’ll discover a few advantages to introducing APKs physically. One of the greatest is gaining admittance to applications early. At the point when a significant Google application (like Schedule) delivers a significant update, it can require up to seven days for your gadget to get it. Introducing the APK allows you to skirt the stand by and update immediately.

Sideloading APKs likewise allows you to introduce applications on your gadget that aren’t accessible on Google Play. However, much the same as work area programming, downloading APK documents from irregular sites is certainly not a smart thought. This is particularly evident if the site guarantees you a paid application for no expense.

So APKs are the center organization that Android uses to appropriate and introduce applications. They’re very helpful for power Android clients, however you should be cautious where you download them from. Attempt these locales for safe Android APK downloads!

How to Install APK which is comes with OBB Data?

For us all who are considering what an OBB document is, we need to go a stage in reverse and examine about the mod apks of the applications which are accessible on the web. There are situations when an android client, be it under any circumstances, can’t sign in to the Google Play Store or can’t download the applications, there can likewise be a situation when the current client is searching for a bonus than the fundamental application highlights.

To help the client in such a situation, mod APK documents were made which are basic altered adaptations of the applications yet with certain additional points of interest like the whole game opened or endless money and lives to make the client experience smooth and simple.

At whatever point a client hopes to download a mod apk from the web, there is another document accessible with it. That record is the OBB document or the Opinary twofold mass record. These records contain certain cool things like superior quality illustrations or and heaps of resources which are important for a superior working of the mod apk.

The primary behind the making of OBB documents was to guarantee that the viewpoint gamer’s gaming experience is energizing to the point that he never laments his/her choice to go for the mod apk than the essential variant.

Typically the size of the OBB record is really huge when it is contrasted with the size of the mod apk. So it is consistently prudent to download the OBB document over a remote organization for a quicker web speed.

Despite the fact that the fundamental focal point of both the mod apks and the OBB documents was to guarantee gamer fulfillment and a smooth quality preferred ongoing interaction over the essential adaptation. In any case, now and again the client faces inconveniences while extricating the OBB document. Without the OBB document, the mod apk can’t perform up to its maximum capacity.

To help clients like me who deal with this issue while utilizing the mod apk, I will talk about the cycle which will help you remove an OBB document in the most straightforward manner without utilizing a lot of endeavors so you can appreciate the mod apk the manner in which it ought to be delighted in.

  • Download APK and OBB data
  • Install APK and extract OBB zip File
  • Copy extract OBB Data and place into root/Android/OBB/
  • Done!!


Is it Official App?

No this is not official and legal app, which is not available in google play tore.

Can I get Huge Cashback?

No, it will not gives you any cashback or promo offers.

Is It legal app?

No Spoof Paytm With Scanner it is not legal android or ios app, May you will be punished for using it.


As you may know Spoof Paytm With Scanner it is not legal android or ios app. This article is for education, information and caution purpose only. We are not promoting this app here and neither are we asking you to download and use this android or ios application. Still if you are using it then maybe it can be a legal offense, for which you can be punished.


I hope Spoof Paytm APK With Scanner, What Is it? article is useful for you and now you will have got all the information about this app. Hope you like the information and keep visiting our blog for similar useful information.

If you are looking for some prank application then you should try many other application which is available in Google Play Store. But use only and only for prank nothing else. If you are looking for any great deal or discount in this fake app then you are wasting your time.

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