Best 15 ThopTv Alternative (ThopTV Like App for Android)

Today In this “Top 14 ThopTv Alternative (ThopTV Like App for Android)” we are moving towards an important information about this particular android app and this is might be a illegal app. I hope this information is very useful for all readers. So welcome guys to our blog and keep visiting our website to get such amazing tech information.

There was a time when people used to get mesmerized by watching television shows and movies. They needed a TV, dish or cable connection to watch all these channels, as there was no other way to watch them then.

However, with the development of technology today there are many ways to watch Live TV, Movies and TV Shows. Today you can easily do all this things through the website or with the smartphone app, out of which ThopTv is a very popular app to watch TV live for free.

People now have a lot of options for Android, while it is limited for Apple devices. This app provides free streaming of Live TV, Web Series, TV Episodes and Movies to its users. However, it has been banned due to being an illegal app.

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Top 15 ThopTv Alternative (ThopTV Like App for Android)

There is no monthly subscription fee for this app, so it has become quite popular among the consumers. Along with the free service, this Android app includes many more amazing features, which provides its users with the best streaming experience for free.

I have come to know from some research that all this content is pirated, for this no permission is taken from their original author. Due to some such reasons, today this app has been banned in most countries, due to being illegal, it is not available in Google Play.

This app is being unable to connect to the app server due to the ban, and that’s why nowadays people keep searching the internet for alternatives and like ThopTV app for Android.

Here below you have been given information about the best alternative app. In which you will get free and paid options. So let’s get information about it.

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Top 15 ThopTV Like App for Android 2022 (ThopTv Alternative)

NoApp Name
1Oreo TV
3Sling TV
4NexGtv HD
6Hotstar MOD APK
7You TV Player
8Hulu TV
10Yupp TV
11GHD Sports TV
12HD Streamz

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Information About ThopTV Like App

1. Oreo TV

oreo tv thoptv like app for android

Oreo TV APK is a popular live TV application that allows users to watch all favorite video content, such as movies, popular TV series and shows on their smartphones. The best thing about this app is that, it is allow you watch IPL matches in HD graphics for free.

Also lets you watch the matches of all sports, news channels, movies and top trending TV serials in best video and sound quality. Now any user can enjoy all their favorite content by installing this APK on their smart device.

When users use this app, they can get access to high-resolution content as well as a category based selection of TV serials and movies easily and free. With the help of this app anyone can also download the latest dramas and TV series directly to their PC or smartphone.

Although we have a plethora of apps like Amazon, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, which all charge big amount of monthly subscription fees, many people are unable to use these apps due to lack of funds. All these apps have their advantages and disadvantages. You must have to know about such things, I think it is very important for you to know.

Please read the following information before using such an app.

2. LiveNetTV

livenet tv thoptv like app

Live NetTV APK for Android Smartphone allows user to watch various live TV channels around the world for free without paying any subscription fees. If anyone be a sports or entertainment channel fan who doesn’t have the money to pay for a personal subscription to stream favorite channels, who can easily download Live NetTV for mobile and watch over 800 TV channels and other streams easily.

Yes, you all read that right. Live NetTV provides an integrated entertainment network with hundreds of live TV stations, with no monthly or annual subscription cost. Users won’t have to spend that much money on a separate cable TV subscription, and they won’t have to waste time tracking their monthly billing cycle.

Although this app is also not legal, you may get to see interruptions in this service as well. As you know that everything is not available for free, so if you want to watch live TV without interruption, then you will have to spend money.

Please read the following information before using such an app.

3. Sling TV

sling tv thoptv like app

The Sling TV app is a popular streaming television service developed by Sling LLC. With the latest version of Sling, you get to watch live TV, shows and movies and all video content anywhere. Sling is an entertainment app and website that includes features such as live viewing and live broadcasts.

This live TV streaming service gives you both free and premium live TV channels on any device. With over 200 channels, this app has something for all ages. This is the live TV you can access for less than the cost of cable. Plus, there are over eighty thousand movies and episodes available for live streaming on demand.

Live news channels keep you updated with premium news network companies like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Sling TV includes something for everyone from entertainment networks including Bravo, Lifetime and HGTV. However, since this service is only available for the USA, you may need to use a VPN.

Please read the following information before using such an app.

4. NexGtv HD

nexgtv hd thoptv like app for android

The NexGTV HD app allows its users to watch all their favorite TV channels on their phone for free, along with many other TV channels you might not have known about.

If you love watching television and are looking for an app that allows you to access a wide range of channels on different topics, NexGTV HD is a great app. In this, you will get to see a great user experience, and it can also be mentioned that it is not only one of the most complete apps available at the moment, but also comes with great design and navigation.

The quality of all the videos in it is excellent, and you won’t have any trouble finding all your favorite stations once you set them as favorites. In addition, you will be able to browse new channels somewhere that you may not be familiar with, learn about them.

While you can watch new series and programs from around the world in different languages. Although this app has been providing live streaming service for some years, but you need to get some information before using it.

Please read the following information before using such an app.

5. Kodi

kodi thoptv like app

The recently launched latest version of the Kodi Matrix app allows you to watch TV programs from home and abroad on your smartphone. This platform pretends to be an online smartphone cable television, the information of which can be found on the official website.

As long as you have a solid internet connection, you can use this app to watch your favorite TV series, reality shows and other shows wherever you are. The platforms are available for iOS, Windows, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Android. Although it looks like cable television to you, it does not have any channel list. To access some TV stations and other streaming sites, customers have to install third-party browser plug-ins.

6. Hotstar MOD APK

hotstar mod apk thoptv like app for android

Disney Plus Hotstar is the world’s most popular video streaming service which strives to provide the best viewing experience to its customers. In today’s time, many people have turned to online streaming apps. But the main problem is, which app will be best for them, so that they can watch and enjoy any video content they want. In this, Disney Plus Hotstar is the favorite choice of more people.

Today Kabhi Developer has created Hotstar MOD Version. It is one of the best MOD apps available as it fulfills all the needs and demands of its users. This is a famous online streaming app specially designed for Indian people.

It has a large library of TV shows, movies, series, sports and news. It provides video content in Indian languages ​​as well as all languages ​​of the world. Here users can watch Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Star Wars movies and series, so no need to look for any other apps.

Apart from this, users can easily watch Sony, Colors, Star Plus, Star Gold, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Republic TV, ABP News, Discovery, HBO and other live television channels here. Not only this, you can also watch live sports events like Vivo IPL, Football World Cup, T20 World Cup, Pro Kabaddi League, and many other exclusive sports content.

7. You TV

you tv player thoptv like app

Are you tired of YouTube and other modern video player websites where you get to see more science? Are you tired of watching low-resolution videos? Don’t have enough time to watch your favorite TV show? All these issues can be solved with one package, which is U TV.

You TV APK has become the most downloaded APK by Android users during the 2022 time period. It is a video and movie watching app that has gained tremendous popularity among fans in the last 12 months. You TV is not only the most popular video player but is much more than a video player, it also provides many other facilities to the users.

8. Hulu TV

hulu tv thoptv like app for android

If you love watching the latest TV episodes and movies, the Hulu app is a wonderful Netflix alternative and it is quite popular. This is a great cable TV alternative, where you can enjoy live TV without commercials.

Hulu TV makes many of the user’s favorite networks available on practically any device, but it’s readily available for Apple, Android, and Windows platforms. Here users can easily stream any TV episode and watch other video content. With this, you get some options of resolution.

This is a completely legal platform, where you do not have to worry about anything else. But you will have to spend some money for this app and you can use it for 1 month free. Below you have been given its official website link.



aos tv thoptv like app

AOS TV is one of the most popular IPTV video streaming apps. I guess AOS TV is specially designed keeping in mind Asian people, as it mostly includes channels from Asian countries.

This app broadcasts channels from all over the world including USA, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, UAE among others through its app. You can search this app through Google, you will get more information there. This app works well with FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield, Android Smartphones and many more devices.

You get to watch more than 1000 TV channels inside this app. You can watch channels from sports, religion, shows, entertainment, music, news and other categories. This Android app lets you watch live cricket matches, as well as IPL and other sports. Talking about August 2022, this is the best and most popular app for watching live television on Android devices. It allows you to watch these popular TV broadcasting channels for free.

10. Yupp TV

yupp tv thoptv like app for android

YuppTV can be considered as a good app for the television lovers around the world. With the power of technology and the convenience of the Internet, the app has enabled people to watch the latest television content live anywhere in the world. Although it is definitely important which channel you want to watch, but very useful who lived in out of India.

YuppTV has simplified and improved the availability of Indian television stations across the globe. The YuppTV app is the topmost video content provider, which means that streaming video is provided to viewers as an independent product over the Internet.

This is a free and legal platform, but you will definitely get to see advertisements in it. The main thing is that all the regional channels and national channels of India are present here. I do not know whether you get premium service in this platform also or not, but you can get more information by visiting the official website.

Official Website-

11. GHD Sports TV

ghd sports tv thoptv like app

As you probably know, GHD Sports is a great app for Android users to watch live sports and TV channels. Today it has millions of users, but it is an illegal app like Thop TV. While this app became very popular due to watching free live IPL.

In this app, users can enjoy all the content of their choice without worrying about data limits as there is a data saver option. If you watch any channel in HD resolution, then your data will be exhausted in an hour. While there is no need to worry about data for WiFi users.

Here many types of features are also provided to improve the user experience, so that the users of this app can grow even more. As you can record any cricket or other sport match, I think people liked this feature very much.

12. HD Streamz

Perhaps this app is also an illegal app, due to which it is not available in Google Play and Apple App Store. You will have to install it with the help of Google search and there is no guarantee of how long its service will continue. Generally speaking, this is also a popular Live TV app which is available only for Android platform. So far this application has not become that popular but it is being used as an alternative.

13. IPTV

With IPTV Pro, one can easily watch their favorite TV shows on their mobile device. It primarily explores the vast world of online TV shows, including thousands of series and a wide variety of channels for the user to choose from.

To do this, the user has to load the IPTV app on his Android mobile. Which helps to watch TV through internet service or to watch countless online TV shows. IPTV Pro is not that popular due to the service getting stuck at any point of time.

14. OLA TV

Today millions of users are using Ola TV to watch premium live TV channels and TV shows without any kind of registration or subscription. While it is quite popular in Asian countries, I am not aware of any official website of it.

Here the user gets a list of more than 1000 live TV channels, popular TV shows are also present in it. It is very easy to live stream all the channels and the user interface of this app is also very simple. The developers have integrated these top-of-the-line high-speed servers to help the app’s streaming process run smoothly. Although I found its servers to be very fast, because I did not get any query like latency.

15. TEA TV

tea tv thoptv like app for android

One thing a user can mark before a user uses TTV is that it is designed with an advanced and simple layout. However, the main color tone of the app is based on the orange color. This color is very bright, which will attract you.

Its service is continuous for some time and no interruption was seen. Users of this app have also increased, mainly because Thop TV is not working anymore. Here the user will get Live TV, Shows and Movies as well. However, there is no recording and download option available.


Is Thoptv legal in India?

It might be possible, you will not know that ThopTV is an illegal Android application, which publishes any content on its app without the permission of the author. Using this illegal app may lead to legal activity on you, so we recommend that you use the legal platform.

Why ThopTv is not working?

There can be many reasons behind ThopTv not working, first may be ThopTV server is down or app maintenance is going on. In addition, there are other common issues that can interrupt your service. We have received news that the owner of ThopTv has been sent to jail due to copyright act and all services have been banned.

How to get apps like ThopTv for iOS?

You will not find any such illegal app for iOS, because the external app is not allowed in Apple’s device. Apple company’s security and data is more safely than Android, that’s why all their devices are expensive.


We have provided here only technical information about a specific topic. No app download link was given here, so that things like piracy spread further. According to my advice, you should spend a little money and use the Genuine platform, whose service you get continuously and you are protected from situations like your device data theft.


I hope you have found complete information about this topic in the article “Best 15 ThopTv Alternative (ThopTV Like App for Android)” However, if there is any problem, let us know by commenting below. And do not forgot to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Sharechat.

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